Article 1:

The expressions below mean what we are now mentioning:

Content: the content is used to designate all the elements that may be inserted by users on our sales website. This directly concerns videos, images, texts and comments. Each Internet user is responsible and at the same time owner of the content they produce.

Buyer: A buyer means an individual or a professional who uses our site when ordering a product.

GCU: the general conditions of use represents all the articles that we present in this way and which remain applicable to both a buyer and a seller.

Website: the term website represents our resale platform visible from our domain name.

User: a user can be a legal or natural person who will connect to our website to obtain information or buy a product.

Article 2:

The various articles of our general conditions of use aim to clarify the conditions of use of our site as well as the conditions of registration for the purchase and the order.

Article 3:

Access to our website requires a web connection from the user. All costs essential to use the service (computer, Internet subscription) remain the responsibility of customers and users.

By using the service, the user implicitly admits:

• That the Web is an open public network and that some of the information transmitted may be subject to hacking or malicious intent. Our sales site cannot be held responsible for any misuse of personal information.
• That the publisher has established important technical measures to secure access to the website.

The user also admits having been sufficiently informed about the IT conditions necessary for access to our sales website.

Article 4:

Registrations on our site are valid and admissible for an indefinite period. The user who registers on our site implicitly validates the T & Cs.

The user right allows the account to be closed by simple request. Also note that a user account can also be closed by our sales platform when a breach of the rules is proven.

A user can open a single account on our site. He can register as an individual or as a professional.

The creation of a user account must mention exact information such as the identity or the address.

Contact information by e-mail or telephone is used by the consumer to be contacted as easily as possible by our platform.

Article 5:

The products are delivered in Belgium and internationally and the description on our website is made in the greatest possible detail. However, the images and visuals of the products on our website are not contractual.

In other words, it is up to the user to check that the products ordered are adequate for their needs by reading the description sheet for each product.